Luxary Carpet Cleaning

Luxury Carpets refer to those special pieces you may have displayed in your home. They are characterised by their materials, their cost and their uniqueness. We believe it is important to preserve the elegance of these special items, and True Blue employees are aware of the importance of maintaining the perfect hygiene and look of the carpet.

Luxury carpet cleaning, like regular carpet cleaning, requires a disciplined deep clean process. Owners of luxury carpets usually prefer to have their carpets cleaned periodically by professionals, opting to insure the quality of their piece by letting the professionals take care of the carpet. True Blue uses eco-friendly, organic products that are not harmful to your luxury carpet, are safe for you and your family, your pets and the environment.

True Blue understands that luxury carpets are expensive. Our organic carpet cleaning service will ensure that the original quality and properties of your luxury accessory or maintained to the highest standard.